If you've got a car that won't start or a TV that doesn't power on I can fix it. If I can't there's no fee.

Cars, Electronics,

Phones, Appliances

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iPhone Data Recovery

You dropped your phone in water. It was time for a new phone anyway so instead of fixing your water damaged iPhone you bought a new one. But, all your data, your notes, your pictures, and your videos are still on that old phone. For a flat rate of $100, no matter the extent of the damage, I'll get your water damaged phone functional enough to recover your data. Your data will be securely sent to you, and you then have the option to pay for shipping to have it returned to you or donate it to the parts pile.

Electronics Repair

Desktops, laptops, TV's, and radios.

Anything that takes a battery or plugs into the wall. Minor repairs to major rebuilds, including anything from screen replacements to board level repairs. Any issue on any device. If it can't be fixed there's no fee.

Phone Repair

Battery and screen replacement to board level repair, we can fix any problem with your iPhone, Android, Samsung, or most any other mobile devices.

1. Free Estimates

2. No Fix = No Fee

3. Quality Repairs 

Mad Motors LLC

Use the contact form below or the Contact page to receive your free estimate. When sending your request please be as specific as possible in detailing your problem and with what device needs  repair 

(model number for electronics, small motors and equipment, year/make/model/trim and engine size for vehicles).  

Phone Repair

Data Recovery


Phone Repair To have your mobile phone repaired just use the contact form below to send a message detailing the problem and you'll promptly receive an email with an estimate. Be sure to include the phone generation and model if applicable. When you send me your phone, please remove any protective casing and please include the charger and your passcode for testing purposes. I promise to respect your privacy.  


Data Recovery Send in your water damaged iPhone, and for $100 I'll repair it enough to power it on and retrieve your data. I will securely get your data back to you. You can then pay shipping fees to have it returned, or you can donate the phone to the parts pile. As always, I promise to respect your privacy. 



Electronics Repair If you need your electronic device repaired, fill out the contact form below with the name of the device and a description of the problem. Try to be as specific as possible and be sure to include any model numbers and trim ID's if applicable, and we'll send you an estimate as soon as possible. When you send me your device, please include any charging cables and/or any passcode or security measures you may have in place, for testing purposes. I promise to respect your privacy.

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